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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Autonomous Car Question

In my opinion, I feel that the car should crash into the SUV. I only believe that this is the better choice simply because of the physics, since the SUV would better absorb the impact than the Mini Cooper. For the second scenario, I believe that the car should crash into the motorcyclist with a helmet. This is because instead of a higher chance of death with the motorcyclist without a helmet, there is a lesser chance than one with a helmet.

If a car's decision to potentially "kill" was based on random numbers, I would say no. This is because it seems like the driver who is at risk of a crash would have their life based on numbers. The computer could always make the wrong choice and end up with a bad result for the driver. But on the other hand, it could also be better in split second decisions, unlike a driver having to quickly think about what is right or what is wrong before making a decision in case of a imminent crash. In conclusion, even though there are good things that can come from a random number generator, a driver's life could be based on a game of chance in the state of an imminent crash.  

I personally that both the company and the driver are at fault for any outcomes when driving. After all, the driver is partially at fault because he is the one who is "driving" the car at the start and determining where it should go. On the other hand, the driver isn't at fault because it is the car "self driving" to the destination. The car is programmed to do what is needed in order to stop a crash. This makes it so the car manufacturer is at fault for the program leading in that accident.  Overall, the driver is the one telling the car where to go, but the manufacturer is the one programming it do do things in certain situation.

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