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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Passion Project Update and Reflections

    So far I think that my passion project is going fine. For those of you who don't know what my project is, it is about video games. I am trying to figure out what makes video games so good compared to others as well as the top games in certain categories. The categories are Arcade, FPS, Horror, Competitive FPS, Racing, indie, and as many Free to play games as I cam find to apply for the categories previously. My progress on this so far has gone decent, I think i need to use my time more wisely and concentrate on finding the more reliable information I can find. Some things I can anticipate are not using my time wisely and MANY blocked websites. Thanks for reading this.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Government Involment

    These people are anti-NSA and they began protesting about the organization apparently violating their privacy and the 4th Amendment of the US constitution. They used the holiday of Independence day to help draw attention to it as they flooded the streets protesting with the slogan "Restore the Fourth". They believe that they think that since they were violated that the entire organization should be shutdown at once. They also believe that programs like Prism should stopped because it allows unreasonable searches without warrents .

Grades? or is it Grades!

In my opinion I think that grades are used to be a checkpoint for the students. They can be used for showing the students progress as well. Sometimes they are full of BS (Burnt Sausage).
       The current system in my opinion is kind of unfair and useless. For example it doesn't where and how you are doing bad in something. I like how they have a percent so you can compare the grades to a letter grade easily. But, it doesn't show that your doing bad in a certain subject or activity.
      The standardized system is good, because it always shows the exact thing you aren't doing right, or are doing great in, also it is based straight off the common core standards.
       In my opinion I think that there should be some sort of mix between the normal 100 point grading system and have a mix with the standardized grading as well, so students know what they are doing bad in as well as being able to see the letter grade of it all together.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hi, My name is Aarif Razak. Im in 8th grade here at NBCMS. My favorite class out of all of them is hands down going to have to be ROGATE. I enjoy playing video games, as well as playing soccer and other sports that nobody cares about (Ex: "Wall Ball"). I like cats, I wish i had one. Lolcats are epic. Mrs. Mystrena is the best teacher. I like pie. I also enjoy playing games with my friends. My favorite games are BF4, BO:2, Garrys Mod, TF2, and all of the Counter Strike series. My favorite food is Pizza and chicken. I am very skinny, I like tacos.
The common lolcat
You find out.
Dancing heavy. Need I say more?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Giver Ending

Aarif Razak
Period 8

What I think of the Ending of the giver

I think that Jonas had survived his trip from his community to Elsewhere. I personally think this because 
when he had reached the top of the hill, he could see the lights and hear them for real... this MUST mean that  he had survived the long way and had not froze to death.Since Jonas discovered the new memory of music, he begins to hear it coming from the lights that most likely are coming from a house. Also in a Lois Lowery interview, she clearly says, "You will meet Jonas again very soon in a book called Messenger" and "But it is about 7 years after the end of The Giver. So Jonas is a young man. He has a particular role, or job, in the place where he lives. He lives in his own house. Not married... But... oh, that’s all I’m going to tell you." (from Another website that I found that helps to back up this theory is . On this website in the last paragraph it sums up what the author had said in other interviews and facts from the book, to compile and make a resolution of that the ending is with Jonas surviving and getting to that house. It also talks about how the house is as much a prophecy as it is a memory. All in all I think that Jonas survives.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 Resolution

2013 Resolutions
Reflect- I learned that 2012 was an awesome year. Tons of people did amazing things. People jumped from amazing heights, made amazing songs, and improved the world. I learned that tons of famous people passed away this year. For example, the first person to walk on the moon passed away in 2012, also a famous singer named Whitney Houston passed in 2012 also. The daily life has changed because of technological advances in life. For example most people order a bagel and/or a breakfast burrito at their local WAWA. Instead of telling the deli worker there is an electronic touch screen menu to order and get you food ticket printed out and made fresh.
Resolve- My resolutions are to try and eat more food when I have the time to.  Another resolution is to try and drink more soda and other healthy liquids in my spare time. Also I want to gain more weight and muscle . A resolution that I made is stop playing video games everyday. All in all I hope that I can make a positive impact on my life!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Aarif Razak
Period 8
My 20% Project
          My project will be on computer programs and how they work. In my project I will make a program describing the language with a program called “Just Basic” to make these programs. This is called “Just Basic” because it is used to make programs using the computer language Basic. My project is going to be making a program/ game and take multiple screenshots of it and make it into a PowerPoint project. My project will not take long but the program will be the hard part. Luckily this project is fun and entertaining to me so I will enjoy doing it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teens and the media

This article is telling me a federal agency is trying to tell and teach young teens about how advertisements help persuade you to buy a product. The agency also made a website to “aducate” young teens about the types of advertisements and how they persuade the public.
 They even made a website called which includes a game to teach teens about products and how they are used and what tactic they use to persuade them. It is not really a website to make sure that they fall for advertisements that make you pay more then you are supposed to do. It also helps you be aware of the tricks they use such as voiceovers, very sad music, famous testimonials, and humor. This article is very useful to teens and kids.
It also has made teens aware of what the buy nowadays. For example, ads about the iphone and other phones had made a huge impact on teens. On my bus I see tons of 7th and 8th graders with them, in fact I have an iphone myself! One quote that stands out to me is “So they can make you better, more informed choices of what they shop.” This website is very useful to parents to help kids understand where they are coming from when they ask for something.
In this entire website has informed me of advertising has affected culture and daily life as we know it. It has improved my awareness of advertisements and how they affect teens everywhere. This rogate lesson was amazing.