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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My learning styles

Howard Gardner
After taking the Gardner and Gregorc tests I learned a few things about myself that I had no idea about before. For example, I learned that I enjoy using maps and doing fun and entertaining puzzles. Also, I learned that I like to have community events like fundraisers and special dinners. Whats even cooler was that when I took the Gregorc test I was classified as "Concrete random"! And it turns out that "Concrete random was the perfect classification for me because all the things that a concrete random does is same stuff that I do! For example, I am curious and I love to learn through games and simulation. Also I am unusual and I enjoy creating projects.

    These test could actually help me out in school in many different ways. For example, since I am "unusual" according to the Gregorc test, I have many unusual solutions that actually work! Also according to the Gardner test I am "Logical-Mathematical" and I think by reasoning. 

   There are many people in this world that I admire. But only 3 of them matter to me the most, and they are Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Michael Jordan. I think that Steve Jobs was a Concrete Random learner because he was creative and he was very big risk-taker. I think that Albert was a Concrete Sequential learner because he did lots of labs and was very practical. Finally, the last person that I admire is Michael Jordan. I personally think that Micheal was a Bodily-Kinsthetic learner so he learned through moving and touching things.

P.S: I commented on Charles and Abdullah's blog.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

All about me!

Hi people!
IPhone 5!
   My name is Aarif! Im in 7th grade at NBRMS. Out of the many classes that I take my favorite one is Rogate! My favorite things that I like to learn about are mostly anything that has to do with computers and electronics. My hobbies are soccer, playing computer games and hanging out with friends. The job that I have always wanted to have would be either video game designer, or pro soccer player. Most of the time food makes me happy (Mostly fried chicken and roast beef!). I hope you enjoy my blog!