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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Giver Ending

Aarif Razak
Period 8

What I think of the Ending of the giver

I think that Jonas had survived his trip from his community to Elsewhere. I personally think this because 
when he had reached the top of the hill, he could see the lights and hear them for real... this MUST mean that  he had survived the long way and had not froze to death.Since Jonas discovered the new memory of music, he begins to hear it coming from the lights that most likely are coming from a house. Also in a Lois Lowery interview, she clearly says, "You will meet Jonas again very soon in a book called Messenger" and "But it is about 7 years after the end of The Giver. So Jonas is a young man. He has a particular role, or job, in the place where he lives. He lives in his own house. Not married... But... oh, that’s all I’m going to tell you." (from Another website that I found that helps to back up this theory is . On this website in the last paragraph it sums up what the author had said in other interviews and facts from the book, to compile and make a resolution of that the ending is with Jonas surviving and getting to that house. It also talks about how the house is as much a prophecy as it is a memory. All in all I think that Jonas survives.